Friday, 16 December 2011


    percintaan adalah satu anugerah ILLAHi..
selagi kita tiada kekasih 
selagi itu tuhan akan menguji kite klau hidop bergerak lambat maka masa akan mengejar kite dengan SELAMBER...

klau suda bercinte nak pula berkeluarga pula..itu mmg lumrah dunia tetapi semua itu akan pergi meninggalkan kite kerana hidup di dunia adalah mainan semata-mata untuk menentukan amalan hidup kite..

sudah berkeluarga nak pula cerita pasal anak nk berapa??waaa~ ni yg perkataan "DASYAT" terhasil...hahaha itu semua ketentuan tuhan 

"hidup didunia hanyelah sementara akhirat jua lah sebenar-2" itulah ayat semasa khudbah jumaat..nampak pendek tetapi makna sangat mendalam..itulah ayat yang akan menginsafkan diri...tapi rakyat malaysia sekarang dengar ayat mcm tu da bosan siap die ckp "kubo masing-2 la..

Monday, 8 August 2011


nk cestory la cket nie,,,
pada 8 ramadhan 1932,,bersamaan 8/8/11,,,mase aq nk tunggu membew aq yg lembab nk g skola,,aq nampak seekor kucing yg kaki nyew kodong kaki kiri belakang,,walaupon die cacat die tetap berusaha untuk meneruskan hidup nyew,,,jika itu manusia mesti ai meminta sedekah dari org awam,,,bukak minda,,,kalau binatang yg cacat mampu cari makan kenapa manusia yg cukup sifat adew yg tidak bekerja,,,ini kerana malaz yew,,,

bukan kucing nie ,,sihat x kucing nie??
penat aq ceramah nie~~

Thursday, 4 August 2011


ASSALAMMUALAIKOM,,atok oo~ atok hahaha,,nak kongsi siket la cite mase kat dalam masjid,,time nk terawih

aq terpikir sebentar bersama kitkat,,hahaha

semasa aq habis sembahyang isyak,,

walau sebodoh manew manusia itu,
walau secacat manew manusia itu,walau sehodoh manew manusia itu,,,
tetapi apabila ia menunaikan solat,,
dia lah yg palaing indah di sisi ALLAH s.w.t

Monday, 27 June 2011


Korg yg cple 2 jage la cket awex..
jgn sampai da putos pastu trcarik2 plak kat sidie 2
klo syg jgn la marah2 dgn si awex 2
klo cinte ckp jew la 
nie nk marah2 pastu putos
da sedey sidie 2

Cinta mmg susah nk di ungkap
tetapi perasaan tdak dapat menipu cinta
cinta adelah satu perkataan yg bnyak makna
yg pertama ALLAH S.W.T
itu mmg selalu kite inggati..

Yg kedua ibubapa
dari kecik hingga mati die lah ibu bapa kita
yg teah menjaga kite dari kecil hingga bessar
dan jgn buat hati nye terguris dan mengalirkan air mate nyew..

Yg ketiga keluarga
walaupon kita keluar negeri keluargalah yg selalu mendoakan kita..

ha!! yg best cket..psal cple2

yg keempat pasangan..
klo nk cari lah yg sopan dan tidak terbukak aurat nyew
klo lah cinte itu indah seindah manew dengan ALLAH S.W.T

dgan itu seseorang jgn lah selalu inggat awex jew..

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

view man united

Manchester United are the most successful Premier League club having won the title 11 times. It all began in 1993 when manager Sir Alex Ferguson ended a 26-year wait to lift the Premier League crown.
The signing of Eric Cantona for £1.2m from Leeds United proved a masterstroke as the Frenchman was instrumental in the title victory, along with the likes of Gary Pallister, Denis Irwin, Ryan Giggs and Paul Ince.
United retained the trophy in the following campaign and romped to further titles in 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2003. More silverware was added to the Red Devils' burgeoning trophy cabinet with FA Cup success in 1994, 1996, 1999 and 2004, plus League Cup victories in 1992 and 2006.
Perhaps the most memorable time in the club's history was the treble-winning season of 1999 when they added the European Champions League trophy to the league title and FA Cup.
Chelsea briefly broke their league dominance with title wins in 2005 and 2006. But in the 2006/07 season, the Red Devils roared back to regain the Barclays Premiership.
They went one better in 2007/08, enjoying their most successful campaign since winning the treble. They saw off the challenge of Chelsea and Arsenal to win an exciting Barclays Premier League title race and defeated the Blues on penalties in the Champions League final after a 1-1 draw between the two sides in Moscow.
In 2008/09, United made it a hat-trick of titles, also winning the Carling Cup but narrowly missing out to Barcelona in the Champions League final.
They retained the Carling Cup in 2010 but finished a point behind Chelsea in the Barclays Premier League after a tense race which went to the final day of the campaign.
Formed as Newton Heath L&YR F.C in 1878, the club changed its name to Manchester United in 1902. Six years later they clinched the Division One title, then the FA Cup in 1909, and another title triumph in 1911.
Matt Busby became manager in 1945 and steered United to championship victories in 1952, 1956 and 1957. They became the first English club to compete in the European Cup and reached the semi-final, before going out to Real Madrid. Tragedy struck in 1958 when the plane carrying the team home from a European match crashed, killing eight players.
Busby survived and led his rebuilt team to an FA Cup win in 1963, then league titles in 1965 and 1967. United won the European Cup in 1968 with victory over Benfica in the final - the first English club to do so. When Busby resigned in 1969, his successors failed to continue his glorious triumphs and United were relegated five years later.
They managed to regain their top-flight status at the first attempt and later won the FA Cup in 1977. More FA Cup success followed in 1983 and 1985. But it was United's 1990 FA Cup replay win over Crystal Palace that proved to be the springboard to becoming the force they are today.
It saved under-pressure manager Alex Ferguson from losing his job and he went on to win the European Cup Winners' Cup the season after and began their Premier League dominance with the 1993 title.
1992/93 - Inaugural members of the Premier League 
1992/93 - Eric Cantona signs from Leeds United for £1.2m
1992/93 - Win FA Carling Premiership
1993/94 - Win FA Carling Premiership and FA Cup
1995/96 - Win FA Carling Premiership and FA Cup 
1996/97 - Win FA Carling Premiership 
1998/99 - Win FA Carling Premiership, European Cup,  and FA Cup 
1999/00 - Win FA Carling Premiership 
2000/01 - Win FA Carling Premiership 
2001/02 - Juan Sebastian Veron breaks the British transfer record with a £28m move from Lazio
2002/03 - Win Barclaycard Premiership  
2003/04 - Win FA Cup 
2005/06 - American Malcolm Glazer takes control of club 
2005/06 - Win League Cup 
2006/07 - Win Barclays Premiership 
2007/08 - Win Barclays Premier League, win European Cup 
2008/09 - Buy Dimitar Berbatov for club record £30.75m. Win Barclays Premier League, Carling Cup, World Club Championship. 
2009/10 - Sell Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid for £80m. Win Carling Cup. 

Saturday, 2 April 2011

tak paham

hidup mesti kena seronok,
berseronok smpai beronok-ronok,
kejap2 hisap rokok,
kejap2 makan pokok,
*apew kne mengena pokon ngn rokok??


gogogo man united..


It is bad man united vs west game

first half 2-0

2-4 last time

hahaha do not behave ..

tanks for rooney (3) and chicarito (1)

Friday, 1 April 2011

Michael Owen: I'm fit and ready

"At some point over the next few weeks I’ll be called on to score an important goal. And when

Michael Owen is fit and raring to be involved as Manchester United prepare for one of the biggest months in the club’s history. I am called on I have to be ready."

- Michael Owen

In April, the Reds face four crunch league clashes, an FA Cup semi-final meeting with Manchester City and a two-legged Champions League quarter-final tie against Chelsea. It’s a daunting fixture list and, as striker Owen acknowledges, one that could make or break United’s season.
“It’s exciting to still be involved in three different competitions,” he told “We’re top of the league, in the semi-finals of the FA Cup and the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Everything’s in our own hands. We’re in a good position, but we’re also wary that one bad week, let alone a bad month, can ruin our season.
"We’ve got a massive month ahead of us and at the moment we have a chance of winning three trophies. That said, I don’t think anybody here has mentioned the Treble… we’ll just keep going and see where we are at the beginning of May. Maybe then we’ll start to get excited about the possibilities of winning a trophy (or trophies).”
The former Liverpool striker, fit again after suffering a groin injury in training in mid-February, worked throughout the recent international break in an effort to remain sharp. Since the turn of the year, Owen’s featured in just four of United’s 15 matches. But with so many games on the horizon, the 31-year-old is eyeing opportunities at the business end of the season.


FA Cup: Arsenal defeated Manchester United, Bolton advanced to the semi-finals

MANCHESTER: Web Fabio da Silva and Wanye Rooney wasenough to qualify for Manchester United to the FA Cup semi-finalafter beating Arsenal 2-0.

AIRPORT: Action Wanye Rooney Manchester United when his side sink Arsenal 2-0 in the FA Cup quarter-final match of 2011. |Photo Getty
United are fielding young players and Alex Ferguson to usedefensive tactics while counter-attack turned out to fruition.

Fabio opened the scoring in the 28th minute after the ball failed tovomit tandukkan Cicharito ditampan updates by Arsenalgoalkeeper Manuel Almunia.

Rooney added the network as soon as United started the second half.

The pressure would increase to Arsene Wenger after just knocked out of the Champions League and European champions missedthe League Cup.

ary nie aq nk cite psal
abgku yg bernama SHAZWAN SAAD

die mencerita kepadaku
mase aq kat tempat kerja adew seorg 
makcik india ckp

m.india;adek2 moto adek banyak cantek..
abgku;manew adew nie pon adew karat sikit2..
*dlm aty abgku ckp kat ku 
x sangke aq adew gak owg india yg suka 
motoku ini...

SALEH SAAD~cecite2                                                                                                  

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


ary adew ujian
kena ujian BM ok lagy
bkak jew soalan SJ
pew!! klo bdak form 5
pon bley pitam la..haha

pada petang ary yg sme..
aq grak uma membew
jlan2 katekn haha..
mase nk blek jumpew
polis aq pcut nek moto
seb baik dpat cau ..
k ary nie x bnyak cite la..

Sunday, 27 February 2011


ary nie g skola
abes prhimpunan jew ckgu wat spotcek
ramai gilew bdak2 kne tahan
ckgu HASSAN la yg pling YEK2
bdak rmbut pendek die tahan
yg rmbut pnjang lepas
nmpak sngat ar an ckgu 2 bute
pakai crmin mate trblek kot..
sowy ckgu
nie sye trima dari aduan
murid2 SMKUT
ramai tidak berpuas hati
sbb yg rmbut pnjang knpe tidak tahan..
28/2/2011(saleh saad)

ary nie 
aq bru start
bkak blogger..